Our Vision

We want to create a church that unchurched people like to attend. We create irresistible environments that allow the unchurched (those who have never been to church before) and the dechurched (those who have been to church and decided not to go back) to take a second look at Christ and His church. Our Sunday morning environments are casual, engaging, fun, and user-friendly, and we allow people a safe place to ask questions and investigate Jesus and His Word.

Our mission

  • to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our vision

  • to create a church that unchurched people love to attend.

Our strategy

  • to create environments where people are encouraged and equipped to pursue intimacy with God, community with insiders, and influence with outsiders.

Our Core Values

God is FOR everyone, so the church is FOR everyone  We believe that for far too long the church has been known for what we’re against. We want to be known for what we are for. The reason we are FOR any and everyone is because God is FOR the world. John 3:16 starts out, "FOR God so loved the world..." Everyone is made in the image of God, and our goal is simply to love everyone. (John 3:16)

Found people find people  We invest in people outside the church and invite them to Jesus. The Christian life becomes boring when we make it about us. The Church is for everyone – not just churched people. (Luke 19:10, Luke 15)

Saved people serve people  Jesus served everyone, and we're not better than Jesus. The church does not exist for us. We are the church and we exist for the world. (Mark 10:45)


Life is better connected  Circles are better than rows because when you do life together, you will grow further faster. (Hebrews 10:23-25)


It’s okay not to be okay  It's okay to come messy. It’s not okay to stay that way. At oneChurch.tv everyone is accepted, but everyone is expected to change, because growing people change. God changes every element of our lives from the inside out.  (Ephesians 4:24)


Everyone has a step to Take At oneChurch.tv, we believe in taking steps that lead to somewhere, not programs that just keep people busy. No matter how far you are in your faith, we believe that everyone has a next step to take to get closer to Jesus. (Matthew 9:9, Luke 9:57-62)

7 > 1 What happens at home is more important than what happens at church  We believe that 7 days of the week have more potential than just one. Far too many people describe church as a service they attend or a building that they visit. We long for the church to have an incarnational impact on our community every day of the week. Our hope is that the city rejoices over our presence and partnership in bringing renewal and restoration. (Proverbs 11:10, Isaiah 1:17)

Belong Before You Believe - At oneChurch.tv, we invite everyone to belong before they believe or behave. That's what Jesus did. Jesus invites everyone to belong. When you belong, what you believe will change and you will become like Jesus. (Luke 5:27-31)

We will do anything short of sin to reach people for Jesus - We will use every means at our disposal and anything in our culture to communicate that God loves everyone. If we have to offend anyone, it will be those inside the church because our focus is reaching people, not keeping people. (1 Corinthians 9:19-23, Luke 15, Acts 17:22-31)

Generosity is not a financial issue. Generosity Is A Heart Issue – Rich people are not generous, generous people are generous.  It is a heart issue. You Will Never Miss What You Give Away. When thinking about money and possessions, Think With The End In Mind – “You’re not going to get to the end of your life and wish you would have gave less and consumed more.” (Matthew 6:21)