We give because God gave...

Give Online

You can give right here online! You can also download our app, just go to the app store and search oneChurch.tv to download. The app will take you through the sam online giving steps!

Give In Person

Right now while we can't meet in person, we aren't doing our normal Sunday morning giving. If online giving or mailing a check doesn't work for you, but you'd still like to give, please email Pastor Chris at chris@oneChurch.tv to connect and find the best way for you to give.

Mail A Check

You can always mail us a check to our P.O. box! Our address is P.O. Box 30727 Clarksville, TN 37040. As always, we are so thankful for your generosity that lets oneChurch.tv be the Church!

Take the 90 Day Tithe Challenge

Countless people experience God’s blessings when they give and honor God with their finances, but often the first step is the hardest one to take. That’s why we created the 90 Day Tithe Challenge. Here’s our commitment to you: If you tithe for three months and don’t see God’s blessings in your life, we will refund 100% of your tithe. Essentially, it’s a contract based on God’s promises in Malachi 3:10-11.

God tells us to test His faithfulness by returning the first 10% of our income to Him. This is called the tithe.  If you are not tithing already, the 90 Day Tithe Challenge is a great way to take your next step in your faith. To take that first step, register to start the challenge by clicking HERE or text Give1C to 97000.


God is generous and so He calls us to be as well.  What we do with what God has given us shows the world where our hearts are at and helps proclaim the gospel. We want to glorify God with every area of our lives, and that includes what we do with our finances.

Want to give but need some more help?

If you have any questions about giving, we would love to talk with you!