Connecting with God shouldn’t be complicated.
Our goal is to make it simple.

We want to create a church that people not in church love to experience just as much as church people. It’s been our goal since day one, because everyone deserves to know how much God loves them.
If you’ve ever felt like you weren’t one of “those church people,” you’re going to love If you’ve ever wanted to be part of a church that makes it easy for people to connect with God, you’ll fit right in. If you’re a Christian who’s willing to do whatever it takes to help your friends experience God’s grace, this is your place.


To lead people into a growing
relationship with Jesus Christ


To create a church that unchurched 
people love to attend
Our focus as a church is on our community in totality, so every week, we work hard to be a church that people will love to attend. We are excited to partner with North Point Community Church and mPact Churches in reaching the Clarksville / Nashville Area.

Far too often the church is marginalized in society, but we believe that as a church, we are stewards of the most important message in the history of humanity. And we want to be wise stewards. We want to create environments that are not just relevant and irresistible, but are people’s best option on Sunday morning.

We invite you to explore And we invite you to join our dream of leading our community into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. For details on how you can join our core team, email us at