Our Story

About oneChurch.tv

When we started oneChurch in 2007, we knew Clarksville didn’t need another church. So we spent some time dreaming about the kind of church we would want to be a part of. And that simple idea became the vision of oneChurch from day one.

We wanted to create a church unchurched people loved to attend. Where people can ask questions about faith and take a second look at God.

Since 2007, we have seen over 11,500 people come through our doors, over a thousand begin a relationship with Jesus Christ, and we have baptized over 750.

Here at oneChurch, we believe that everyone's welcome, because nobody's perfect, but with God anything's possible. So no matter where you've been or what you believe or how you have behaved, we know oneChurch can be a place for you.

We believe that just like Jesus, the local church should be irresistible.

People should want to wake up on Sunday morning and go to church. Our desire is to be people’s number one option on Sunday morning, first because of what we do and ultimately because of what we believe.

During our lifetime, our own communities have become a mission field. 88% of people in Clarksville/Ft. Campbell don’t go to church anywhere— that’s over 125,274 people. We wanted to create a place where people who don’t go to church realize that church can be fun and that God isn’t mad at them.

This vision took shape in 2007 when a team of leaders founded oneChurch as a church for people who do not go to church. oneChurch was launched by the local church that Pastor Chris grew up in. Starting oneChurch was in response to a group of people that wanted to see their friends and neighbors connect or reconnect with God.  

We had our first church service in a local movie theatre on September 2007. A year later, we moved to Northeast High School because of our growth. The local school system started phasing out churches meeting in schools, so in July 2016, we moved back to the movie theater. In October 2016 GraceLife Church Clarksville became a part of oneChurch.tv. Led by Pastor Carlo, he also had a vision for people who felt disconnected from God and the local church.