Why We Cancel Others

Aug 29, 2021    Chris Edmondson
It’s hard to treat people with love and respect on a regular basis, especially in today’s culture of trolling, roasting, and cancelling. When we’ve been mistreated, it may feel more appropriate to punish, ignore, or just avoid the other person.
Perhaps you’ve been hurt, cheated, or victimized by someone in your life. Surely you aren’t expected just to treat that person with love and ignore what they did, are you? At the very least they owe you an apology first, right? Sure, you’d love to be free from the burden of anger, but how do you reconcile God’s idealistic standards with the cold, harsh realities you’ve experienced?
At the heart of forgiveness is a concept that brings a whole new perspective to the pain of your past. Forgiveness is not about forgiving and forgetting, but about deciding and remembering.
BIG IDEA: We cancel others because we forget that God cancelled our debt.